April 23rd Art Party Inspiration

April 23 Party Inspiration

Time for the another Art Journal Pajama Party and it’s going to be a “recycled” affair.  As usual, I will be live-streaming tonight in my pajamas, starting at 8pm est.   I am excited to continue sharing art journaling with you.   I hope that you are planning to join me.  There’ll be crafting, laughter, chatting and fun!

If you are planning to join the party, here is what you will need:

  • Found items from around the house ie. bubble wrap, paper bag, receipts, tags, corrugated card board, paper towel or toilet paper roll, sponge.
Art Party Suggested Supply List:
  • Gesso (to prime your paper. You want to use this if you are using a thin paper.  You don’t have to use if using a heavy mixed media, acrylic or watercolor papers.)
  • Acrylic paints
  • Stamps
  • Templates
  • Markers (we are going to doodle tonight)
  • Sharpie, Copic, White Paint Marker or PITT Pens for writing/doodling on top of paint
  • Paint tray (I rarely use mine but they are handy…I put paint directly on my mat most often.)
  • Journal with heavy paper to hold up to the painting and misting. I use Canson Mixed Media.
  • Heat tool for quick drying time.

I hope to see you there.

See ya tonight!


Pick your embellies. From Desk to Done, No. 31, Day 3.

FDD 31 embellies

Yesterday you picked CARDSTOCK and patterned papers. 

Today we add COORDINATING embellishments.  This should be easy if you already have some that came with your papers.

This week, I chose to COORDINATE  by matching up my own.  I chose acrylic paints and pink flowers and/or ribbons.   I am definitely painting this week. FUN!

Tip: Try to include your title letters here.  You can even think about your title during the day and write it down, so that when it is time to create, you’ll have that part in mind, so that you are not sitting and staring at your finished page trying to decide on a title.  A true time thief!

What are you waiting for?  Go get those embellies.  You’ve got 5 minutes. Go!

See ya back here tomorrow.


Pick your papers. From Desk to Done, No. 31, Day 2.

FDD 31 papers

Yesterday you CHOSE your photos.

Today we pick CARDSTOCK and patterned papers or perhaps the journal you will paint in! Be sure to choose 2 or more coordinating patterned papers and at least 2 matching pieces of cardstock.

I am painting this week.  Therefore, I will be using my mixed media or watercolor journal/papers.

Tip: Choose cool patterns and colors that coordinate well with your photos and maybe highlight the theme of the photos. PIck colors from your photos and find papers that have the same or similar colors

You’ve got 5 minutes. Go!

See ya back here tomorrow.

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My Painted Floral Cards

Floral Card Stack

I’ve  been trying to find my card groove.  I think I found it.  I wasn’t loving making cards.  However, after creating these painted cards, I think my love for card making may have arrived.  I think these turned out beautifully, even with my unique flower ideas.

Flower Cards start

I painted a large background first.  Next, I cut it into 4 pieces.

Floral Start

I painted each one, individually.

Etsy Floral Cards

I created these 4 beautiful cards.  Yes.  I will do this again.  Actually, I’ve already started my next set.  Yay!

Have a great day.

Embrace your art,


From Desk to Done, No. 31.

FDD 31 photos

Looking at your photos?  Moving your papers and pictures around?  Stop wasting your precious crafting time.  If you’ve got 5 minutes then you’ve got a completed page. We’re doing it again.  From Desk to Done, #31!

If it’s your first time joining me.  Trust the process and follow along to a GREAT layout!

Be sure to stop by each day this week for your daily “5 minute” prompt.  Each day you’ll do a different task.  By the end of the week, you will have a completed layout in just 5 minutes a day!  Seriously!  Trust the process.  Let’s go!

Today, CHOOSE  your photos.   I’ll be using 2, 4×6 photos.   I plan to trim the photo, as needed.  Pictures are of me, Robert and friends during a visit to Miami, FL.  We are in front of the Versace Mansion.  You’ve got 5 minutes. Go!

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See ya back here tomorrow!