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Welcome!  I am very excited to participate in this month’s Club Scrap blog hop. If you arrived from Dishing with Janet then you are in the right spot.  If not, you might want to go to Club Scrap Creates and start at the beginning so you don’t miss any of the crafty goodness being shared today! Well, let’s go!  Leave a comment below and then be sure to sign up for a FREE spot in my Art Journal 101 Workshop! 

For this blog hop I decided to make a  painting.  I had something different in mind with more paper…but ended up needing to start over.  LOL!  I am finally discovering and embracing my style in painting…especially faces.  Therefore, I want to paint and draw them more and more and more.  Also, I will be exhibiting my art in public for the first time in less than two weeks.  So, the more I paint, the better.
Well, I am in LOVE with this kit and the daisies.  I am a little obsessed with the little daisy stamp it is just perfect!  Of course, I had to use it on my painting, along with a daisy I cut from the paper.  It was the perfect flair for her hair!
  Remember the fun doesn’t have to stop here.
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 Thanks so much for visiting.  Next, stop along the hop is A Notebook Novel!  GO! Happy Crafting.
Embrace your art and free your soul,

Inspired to Create

Time for the another Art Party Wednesday with Tiare and it’s going to be artsy!    As usual, I will be live-streaming tonight in my pajamas, starting at 8pm est.   I am excited to continue sharing my art with you.   I hope that you are planning to join me.  There’ll be crafting, laughter, chatting and fun! And it doesn’t matter whether you are a scrapbooker, art journaler, mixed mixed artist or card maker, the techniques I used can be applied to ALL!  So be sure to tune in!
If you are planning to join the party, here is what you will need:

  • The inspiration colors .  Or choose your own colors and supplies!

New to art journaling or want to learn more SIGN UP FOR MY FREE ART JOURNALING WORKSHOP HERE.  Art Party Suggested Supply List:

  • Gesso (to prime your paper. You want to use this if you are using a thin paper.  You don’t have to use if using a heavy mixed media, acrylic or watercolor papers.)
  • Watercolors
  • Acrylic paints
  • Mists
  • Stamps
  • Templates
  • Markers
  • Sharpie, Copic, White Paint Marker or PITT Pens for writing/doodling on top of paint
  • Paint tray (I rarely use mine but they are handy…I put paint directly on my mat most often.)
  • Journal with heavy paper to hold up to the painting and misting.
  • Heat tool for quick drying time.

I hope to see you there. See ya tonight!


Tuesday’s Cool Tool: Thermomorph

Thermo 14

Recently, I was asked to do a review by Rizzi at Thermomorph.  Thermomorph is made out of polymorph granules.  Thermomorph are moldable plastic pellets you can heat up and mold into any shape or form. You’re able to instantly fix things, make things, sculpt things or mold things; the uses are endless.

Of course, I said, “YES!”  Rizzi promptly sent me the jar of Thermomorph, which comes in a great size,  at a great price.  To be honest, at first, I was a little skeptical.  I thought, “Am I going to like this?  Am I going to be able to paint on it?  Will I enjoy the process?”  Once the jar arrived, I remained concerned.  Finally, I had the time to sit down and play.  As soon as I got started just by watching the pellets melt and then holding it in my hand, my fears were “squashed.”  I started to play, mold and shape.  I was excited with the possibilities. I was amazed at how easily I could create shapes and how quickly it dried to a hard plastic.

Here is what I did and how Thermomorph  works.

Thermo 9
Thermomorph comes in this large jar, 500g. Great size.
Thermo 8
Thermomorph are little white pellets. First you must boil water and add the pellets to the water. I suggest adding some in a glass, while allowing more water to boil for more moldable fun.
Thermo 7
Leave in the boiled water for approximately 2 minutes.  The pellets will turn clear and begin to clump together.
Thermo 6
Once pellets are all clear they are ready to be removed and molded into the shapes of your choice. Be sure to use tongs to prevent burning your fingers. Be careful as you begin to handle. However, do not wait too long. Thermomorph cools quickly and begins to harden.
Thermo 5
Nicely clumped together and easy to mold.
Thermo 4
First thing I decided to create was a bowl. I molded the Thormomorph around a clear bowl: one on the inside of the bowl and one on the outside.
Thermo 3
Thormomorph turns white again, as it cools and hardens to a hard plastic.
Thermo 2
I also, used cookie cutters to create shapes.
Thermo 1
These are some of the shapes I created: 2 bowls, a heart, a flower, marbles, a button, a gem and some pendants. I poked a hole in the pendants and button before it was completely dried/hardened.
Thermo 14
Next, I got busy painting and trying different mediums on the shapes. For the bowl, I used acrylic paints and a marker for the black details.
Thermo 13
For the heart, I used acrylic paint, misted with black using a stencil, a paint marker and inked the edges with archival ink.
Thermo 12
Oh, these pendants were fun. I painted them all with acrylic paint. Next, I used a clear stamp for the flower on the blue, rub ons and archival ink on the yellow. All adhered quite nicely!
Thermo 11
For the second bowl I used Gelatos. Again, adhered to the Thermomorph, quite nicely. Love the colors!
Thermo 10
Last but not least, I used distress stain on the flower/star. The metallic adhered best and quickest. For the cute little gem, I added Stickles, perfect for making some of your own bling!

As you can see this is quite a wonderful product.  This is only a small sample of what you can do with  Thermomorph.  You can also add it to molds,  try running a thin piece through your die cut machine on the setting that cuts plastic, make your own Christmas ornaments, create charms for your necklace and/or add it to your altered art and mixed media projects.  The possibilities are endless.

All you artsy people give it a try and see what you come up with!  If you do, I’d love to see what you create and hear what you think of Thermomorph.

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Embrace Your Art: Painted Postcards

ICAD 53 Mushroom

Each Monday, I share something I created over the last week.  Although, I create weekly, sometimes I have already shared all that I have created on the blog already.  In that case, I will share something I have not shared although it may have been created prior to last week.  My goal is to create even if for only a few minutes each day.

ICAD 54 Leaf Feather

ICAD 56 Turquoise

This week I share these cute postcards.  I’ve been painting postcards and I find it to be very refreshing.  They are quick and easy and allow me to create more easily on a daily basis.  Also, I now have wonderful, little pieces of art that I can share.  It is a great way to practice, inspire and be inspired!


I encourage you to keep creating with me all week long, to embrace your art whatever it may be…scrapbooking, cardmaking, art journaling, mixed media, painting…just keep creating.  Keep sharing.  More art, more creating, more sharing equal a more beautiful world. If you don’t know what the Embrace Your Art Daily Challenge is, you can learn more here.

Did you create something over the last week?  Won’t you share it with me?  Leave a link or visit the Embrace Your Art Daily FB Group and share! Embrace your art and free your soul.


With Yasmin: From Desk to Done #43

From Desk to Done #43, With Yasmin.  Pictures of me and my cousin, Yasmin, whom I hadn’t seen since she was maybe a toddler or a little older.
Here’s how it works.  Every Friday, I share a completed layout, along with the supplies I used and an inspiration piece.  You create based on what I’ve shared.  It’s easy and you can do it in 5 minutes or less per day or do it all in one day!  One thing is for sure, you’ll be getting your pages from your desk to done in no time! Here are your 5 minute daily prompts for those of you who only have a few minutes a day:
  • Day 1: Grab your photos.
  • Day 2: Gather coordinating patterned papers and cardstock.  Try to choose colors that match the colors in your photo. Of course you can just grab your mixed media paper, if that is your thang!
  • Day 3: Pick out  matching embellies and/or grab matching paints and mists if you are into mixed media.
  • Day 4: Cut pieces according to the sketch.
  • Day 5. Make your page.  This can really go quickly if you just follow the process, even when using paints and/or mists.

See my sample below:

FDD Sketch 43 FDD 44 With Yasmin

Another memory saved!  Yay! Inspired by the sketch.  Here are a few steps I took.

  • I let the sketch inspire me.
  • I used beautiful mists and stencils to create a unique background.
  • I added flowers to draw your attention in to the photos.
  • I added bling for sparkle.
  • Added a little handwritten journaling and a title to finish it off.

I love the ease of creating with a sketch and simple supplies.  Proof that it doesn’t take much time or a ton of supplies to create a great page and save your memories, again!    See ya back here next Friday for From Desk to Done, No. 44!  If this is your first time here, here is how you can continue the fun:

  • sign up here for updates so you never miss a challenge!
  • Visit the blog each Friday for the 5 minute daily prompts and the completed project.
  • Join our From Desk to Done Group on Facebook.  It’s more fun to create with friends, to share, inspire and encourage others and of course, to see their creations too!


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